Hiring Yoga Sanctuary

Looking for a venue to hold your sessions? Our hall is now available to be rented out for various activities including classes and workshops.

The main area of the site, a large hall, incorporates beautifully designed tall and elegant windows to provide a plethora of natural light. This enhances the welcoming nature of the building and creates a certain verve and panache that cannot otherwise be replicated. The laminated wooden flooring transforms the room into a spacious arena as well as complimenting the aforementioned brightness.

The temperature within the hall is monitored by the use of modern underfloor heating technology.

As well as our main hall, Yoga Sanctuary contains a reception area. It's homely nature and creative decoration adds to the friendly atmosphere that we prioritise.

The tall ceilings and modern architectural influences provide an excellent platform for students to learn and enjoy.

Click play on the slideshow opposite to view Yoga Sanctuary.

If you are interested in using our site, please contact us to discuss any preferences and we will endeavour to cater to your needs.