Self Management 12-week Healthy Lower Back Programme through YOGA


"I would absolutely recommend this course for anyone who has struggled on and off with back pain. As a landscaper I need to be fully fit in order to carry out my work. I don’t have time to be off sick and this course has taught me so much about alignment and posture. The course begins gently but builds according to your own abilities and requirements. Sharada has basically given me a toolbox of postures and practises to ensure I keep any back pain and discomfort to a minimum for the rest of my life! She has completely changed the way I think about exercise and has helped me understand why my wife loves yoga so much!

Tom Moore



From Dr. Trushna Nadig

“When I got my first assignment in Rotherham, my initial worry was whether such a small place will have a good yoga class; I have been a yoga practitioner for decades and it is something I seek whenever I’m traveling, to maintain balance and focus in my hectic pace of life.

Not only did I discover the Yoga Sanctuary, but also Sharada, the learned, yet fun, yoga instructor, whose passion for imparting the benefits of correct yogic asanas is instantly palpable!

I enrolled in four evening classes, one of them being the YHLB class.

While I suffer low backache only occasionally, the twelve weeks have been immensely useful in teaching me how to ensure my spinal alignment is precise to prevent self-induced, postural backache.

Sharada’s hands-on approach, personalized teaching and sensitivity to the limitations of each student impart a caring atmosphere; she always emphasizes that each student is aware of their own limitations and never compares her students with each other. This creates a positive learning atmosphere and increases our learning by observing each other.

Combining the breath awareness techniques into the class with meditative practices enhances the positive outcomes that each student experiences.

At the end of the class (which generally last about 15 minutes longer), Sharada helps any students who have queries or confusion about any learning that day and help plan a home practice for them.

At the end of the twelve weeks, we could clearly see how each of us was a transformed person, with increased mobility and flexibility, in turn, encouraging increased self-confidence.

Without a doubt, I would highly recommend the 12-week YHLB, not just to backache sufferers but also to those like me who don’t actually have this chronic problem.”


From Linda Robinson

“After suffering several months of back and leg pain (along with pins and needles in my foot) I have been very surprised at how effective the Yoga for a Health Back course has been.

I have found that so long as I carry out the exercises regularly, I am free from pain which has been a great relief

This course provides a variety of yoga poses to relieve pain, strengthen and align the body, along with how to breath to bring about relaxation and a CD of four relaxation exercises. Best of all this is something you can manage yourself.

Sharada is very helpful and knowledgeable and monitors individuals progress at the start of every class and offers recommendations as necessary.

I would highly recommend this course.

Best wishes

Linda Robinson”


From Janice Clark

“Just to say a big thank you for teaching me how to help my back through the miracle of Yoga! This class has been as I thought it would be and more. Having attended the Monday class I must admit when you first approached me to join the course I thought I was fine as I was .... but you are a marvellous teacher and next to my Dentist and hairdresser I would trust you with my life ( and back ) so I signed up !

To my amazement I can confirm my lower back has improved ... I am more mobile and less pain . My Arthritis has Improved and my feeling of wellbeing 🙏

I will be informing my doctor and practice Nurse about the course in SEPT ... It is a must for people like me ... The class I've been in everyone has noticed great improvement !

We have instructions and leaflets plus a CD we can go back to anytime for reference and guidance 👍

Finally I must add what a brilliant teacher you were to us all individually, so patient too ! I give you permission to publish this Sharada ❤️

I feel I can move on and now look forward to joining my friends in the Monday General Session next term ... NAMASTE JANICE”


From Bryan Deal

“I started by attending the Yoga Sanctuary’s Adaptive Yoga Class. I then decided to take the 12 week ‘Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs Class, as I experience extreme pain in this and other areas of my body. I expected that I might receive some respite from the pain. However, I was extremely surprised!.......... The course teaches yoga poses which not only relieve the lower back, but which help strengthen and align the whole body - this being something which is necessary to relieve any type of pain. This is accompanied by teaching of breathing techniques to help ‘trick the brain’, thus relaxing tension in the body - a cause of much pain.

I found that not only my lower back was affected, but my walking and breathing (two issues for me) have improved. Also, I have become very aware of my posture - how I sit and stand - and the alignment of parts of my body. I have been overweight for a number of years, because of illness. The class has inspired me to curtail my food intake, as well as enjoy almost daily gentle exercise which not only eases my pain, but enlivens me.

Sharada, the owner and yoga instructor at Yoga Sanctuary is exceptionally patient with all her students and does her utmost to suggest exercises which can help alleviate pain. She is excellent at showing the poses to the class, followed by suggestions as the class copies her instruction. All of this helps gain the maximum benefit from all her teaching. Sharada is not only knowledgeable about yoga, but knows anatomy in great depth - she loves to explain how and why things do or do not work, giving background and context to the poses she teaches.

I would definitely recommend Yoga classes at The Yoga Sanctuary and for those with back problems, the 12 week YHLB ‘Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs’ class is a must! Everyone in the class I attended came out of it as a different person to when they started - me included! If you want to ease your back pain, not just immediately, but for life, this is the Yoga Class to attend.

Bryan Deal”


From Nicola Farmer

“I decided to attend the 12 week Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs course as I was suffering from lower back pain, chronic pain in left hip, right SI joint pain and pain in my neck due to various injuries over the last 20 years.

Having attended the course I now have increased mobility and have more flexibility in my body. Having strengthened my lower back I find that I use my neck less often and have minimal neck pain now too. I feel like I’m walking taller and find it easy to bend down to tie my shoe laces.

The course has three parts: what to do if you get a sign of a painful back episode, core practice and progressive practice. Each week the course builds on the previous week

Sharada is a personable, highly experienced yoga teacher. She tailors each pose to meet the needs of each individual on the course.”


From Anita Chib

“I have found the yoga for healthy lower backs class really useful. I only had mild lower back pain but it has given me lots of ideas about how to manage my back going forward to help it remain as healthy as possible. Also the class sizes are small so you get lots of personal support from Sharada. I'm really glad I took part and would recommend it to others."


Dr. Remy George writes……..

I have been attending yoga classes for a year now. My instructor Sharada is an amazing teacher. She is knowledgeable and light hearted and a true inspiration to all. I look forward to her classes every week. She is always quick to offer help if you are trying a new pose or just new to yoga in general. Recently I have also been attending the YHLB specific 12-week healthy lower Back yoga classes for backache. It has helped me a lot. I feel more flexible and relaxed. I strongly recommend yoga sanctuary especially. PLEASE Share this to anyone looking for help with their lower back problems.


Janet Bell recommends..YHLB

“Yoga sanctuary is a very special place. I have been attending a series of classes specifically aimed at people with lower back problems and have benefited in many ways. Sharada has a huge knowledge of yoga and anatomy and a highly trained eye which enables her to give very specific tailored advice. I find the classes have not only helped my back but provided many other therapeutic benefits especially for mental well being and relaxation. I would strongly recommend Sharada and yoga sanctuary and particularly the lower back course and the restorative sessions which she adapts for everybody’s individual needs.”


“Going to the 12-week back class was the best money spent. Before going to it I could not walk without my crutches, and could not walk straight up at all. I would now tell anyone it was the best thing you could go to, and after that I am going to the next class up from that class.”



I have just completed the 12 week yoga for backs session ( Monday 10th December 2018). It has given me an excellent set of exercises to cope with my back. In addition to that, using the relaxation strategies, I sleep so much better- I rarely have had a night over the last few years without having to get up and walk about as my legs or back are giving me pain, since the yoga classes I would say 5 out of 7 nights I sleep throughout the night, which is bliss.



I have just completed the 12 week lower back programme & can honestly say my lower back has improved. I have not been diagnosed with anything specific which relates to my lower back, I put it down to the job I do as I am sitting for long periods of time. I have found it so useful having the resources ( book, CD & hand out sheets ) so I can study this at home and do the homework set. The book is really easy to follow and the poses are taught in class. The continuity of this prevents discomfort and pain which I have noticed massively. Thanks to Sharada, I can easily complete a session of lower back yoga at home when I finish work to prevent the pain from returning. It has given me more flexibility, strengthening of my muscles and reduction in tension as well as keeping stress levels at bay. Thank you.



After I began the back class I had to stop my pain medication for a health reason, but thanks to the back class I am able to cope without it. If I am having a bad pain day which occasionally happens I have tools to help me although generally my pain had much improved over the course. Sharada is always very helpful and approachable and the class has a friendly atmosphere. I would encourage anyone to try it.



“I attended the 12 week course of yoga for lower backs following several years of lower back pain and reconstruction surgery on my lumbar spine. I found the classes really useful, having never done yoga before, l wasn't really sure what to expect, but I enjoyed the atmosphere and pace of the classes. I have found that I have increased flexibility in my back and much less stiffness and and associated discomfort………ANDREW PATCHING”


"Having spent years putting off trying to find a solution to my lower back problems, the 12 week course at Yoga Sanctuary was a huge step forward. The course has not only helped me to manage painful back episodes but to prevent them as well. It gave me an insight into why my lower back might be giving me problems and showed me how to target the area specifically to increase strength. I would thoroughly recommend the 12 week programme to anybody struggling with back pain………. JAMES DORAN”


“I have just completed the 12 Week Healthy Lower Back Programme under the expert eye of Sharada at the Rotherham Yoga Sanctuary. After years of chronic lower back pain resulting in surgery and constant painkillers, I have eventually found something that works to take the pain away. When you have back pain you have to take things steady and build up the strength in the back, this course is very gentle but very effective. The course takes you through a series of movements especially designed to ease lower back pain. Sharada is truly caring and takes great interest in a person’s progress. After completing this Programme I am now able to move onto another alternative Adaptable Yoga Session...eventually onto a Regular Yoga Class. I can highly recommend………… LESLEY PARKIN”


Healthy Lower Back Class.

“I have just taken part in the 12 week course for lower backs in Sept 2017 and I have to say it delivered results beyond my expectations. I had a slipped disc in the summer and was still suffering from back pain, sciatica and numbness in my leg. I was very sceptical having never done anything like Yoga before but I need not have worried. Sharada made me feel welcome and at ease. The first session was a little painful but each step of the way we were shown personal techniques or adjustments to the moves to cope with our own individual circumstance. These skills are something that will stay with me for the rest of my life. ANGELA DITCHER”


“I have been practicing the core exercise sequence from the program over ( 2) 15 minute periods daily also trying to incorporate some of the poses into my daily life. I have had only one flare up of sciatic pain since starting the course but that lasted days rather than weeks and I continued my yoga practice. I would strongly recommend this course for improving the lives of anyone with chronic back pain. ……….AMANDA NORTH”


“I enjoyed the 12 week lower back yoga course and have now come off my painkillers which were causing me a lot of side effects and one of them was hair loss! Yoga is good for physical and mental well-being. My back, shoulder, and knee pain are all much better due to this practice and with the book and CD, I can now do the exercises at home. Sharada is an excellent yoga teacher and very knowledgeable about the human body. MARLENE ALLWOOD”


“In September 2017 I joined the 12 week Healthy Lower back programme @ the Yoga sanctuary. I was having a lot of painkillers as well as other medication because I suffered with sciatica & chronic lower back problems. I also suffer with Multiple sclerosis but with the help of Sharada & the adaptation of some of the poses I felt the pain decrease. It has been really helpful learning how the back works & how building up strength by different poses it has helped me reduce some of my medication. This is one course I would definitely recommend it has helped me with my posture which has also helped in other areas of my body.




From Eunice... Adaptable Yoga on Tuesdays

I first came to Sharada's Adaptive Yoga class in November 2016 on the recommendation of the osteopath I was seeing at the time. I was in constant pain despite taking a variety of pain medication and walked using two crutches. I had been diagnosed with a compression fracture to L2 vertebra, sacroiliitis and osteoporosis.

I have attended this yoga class every week since that first class and maintained my own daily practice at home. As a result, I am now pain and medication free, I am able to walk confidently without sticks, and I have been able to do some gardening for the first time in years.

Practicing yoga has given me the tools to look after my body and I am very grateful to Sharada for her. dedication to passing on her extensive knowledge.


"I have been in pain for nearly 3 years now in my upper back I was with a chiropractor for 15 months and had physio for 8 months and did not benefit from any of these treatments I was diagnosed with Scoliosis 18 mths ago and my last hope was Yoga and was recommended by my physio as he had heard that Sharada at Yoga Sanctuary was supposed to be good....thank god I listened to him and went to see her...I am only in my fifties and was looking more like a ninety year old....I could not make the bed or hang out washing on the line or even lift a kettle full of water when I first went to see Sharada as I was in so much I can do all of these duties again and more...I feel more supple than I have done for years even though I am fairly fit and I still get pain but I now can manage it better and the pain is not as bad as it used to be...I have even stopped taking the strong painkillers I was on prescribed by the I have been to the back care class for 10 mths and feel great I have even joined the regular Yoga class on a Thurs night too....I urge anyone who has aches and pains to give it a go as I do not know where I would be without Yoga thing I have done ever and I wish I had taken it up years ago a big big thankyou to Sharada and her Yoga knowledge.” Karen (2013)

Hi its Karen again from backcare class and general yoga class .I am still going strong 4years later. My scoliosis will never go away but whilst I am going to my fab yoga classes I can keep it under control.I am now doing everything I was before my chronic pain started.......gardening, my Allotment,decorating...which I could no longer tackle anymore in 2013...i practice at home even if only for 10 15 mins in the morning and it sets me up for the day...i am much calmer than I used to be and can honestly say I have not felt this well for years...many thanks Sharada and your gift of Yoga.


My Yoga Experience by Maggie Butler

I was first advised to 'do yoga' by my physiotherapist, to strengthen my exceptionally weak back muscles, they were so weak they would not hold my ribs into my spine and she had to keep 'putting them back' an altogether horrific experience for both the patient and the therapist

In the end she said that if I didn't start yoga I would be in a wheelchair by the time I was 70 - this was definitely the wake up call that I needed

As I was 63 at the time I thought I needed to go to as any sessions and work shops as I could afford with having more time behind me than in front, so I went to 2 classes each week and every work shop that was there, some were a little beyond me but I always got a lot from them

I am now 72 years young and feel great, I no longer worry about what might or might not happen, I take each day as it comes along, the things and/or people that used to bother me no longer do

I have just been on a research programme for mobility and had many tests, the nurses and technicians were amazed at my movement particularly for my age and are convinced it is because of yoga

I started with Sharada in 2009 and after a few years of still going to my original yoga centre as well, I found that I much preferred her style of teaching and also her personality

Nothing ever appears to be too much trouble for her and it doesn't matter if you are a complete beginner or an experienced student she will help you along at the level that best suits you

The meditation at the beginning of the class is amazing, you feel at one with yourself and so much more calm, it is a great way to start a practice. No matter how wound up or stressed you feel when you get to class after the meditation everyone is much calmer

The yoga asanas have helped me to keep mobile and healthy, the yoga philosophy is so interesting and helps me to understand about life

I really wish everyone would practice yoga at least once a week, if everyone in the world did yoga I am sure the world would be a much safer and happier place

I would like to say a big thank you to Sharada, I am convinced you will never find a better teacher


Yoga with the Sharada at the Yoga Sanctuary is the highlight of my week. Every Thursday brings bliss and such a relaxed feeling after a busy week. The lessons provide me with a good perspective on life, due to the interesting philosophical aspects taught, along with the challenging asanas and meditation. Having a very stressful teaching job it is essential that I remain calm and focussed, which is what yoga allows me to do. Helpful suggestions for home practice is perfect for ideas to keep me going throughout the week. Sharada is an amazing teacher and everyone there is so welcoming and kind. I cannot recommend the sanctuary highly enough!

Thursday - General Session - s

"Sharada is magic ! I very reluctantly (through my daughter finding this site on the internet )..and knowing the pain I was in and other struggles I was going through dragged me there a few weeks ago! As the saying goes the rest is history .... I fell in love with Yoga! .... I can't wait for the next session to start! I am not very good at it YET but as a young nervous 62 year old with a history of not being the sharpest tool in the box I will soon master it with the help and confidence Sharada is giving me! Healing the body and mind through the breath! Bring it on!" 

 Monday- General Session

Thank you sharda for yesterday god bless you..I have severe fatigue and pains everywhere in my body..huge anxiety and severe trauma disturbing my mind... was like that all week....I came to one session of yoga yesterday and I thank fully lifted my spirits..I came back home, I picked my daughter up all happy and I finally did some cooking prayed and had a smile on my face which again didnt do any of that for days...u can pass this on if you want to clients.

Yoga for Women Only - WEA sessions

"A little story! I have spent my whole life being measured as 5 ft 3 3/4 ins., measured by school, college, doctors and family. Recently I came home from a session at the Yoga Sanctuary and feeling different, I asked my husband to measure me.

He did, in our tried and tested family way, and found that I was 5ft 4ins exactly!! I asked him to check and again he measured me at 5ft 4. I have grown a quarter of an inch. Now some might say that isn't much but at nearly 66, I find it remarkable. At my age most of us are shrinking!

So Sharada dear, thank you, for my feeling of well being and new found height and after only about 25 sessions!"

Monday- General Session

"Even though I am a beginner, I have already got many positives out of yoga IN THE YOGA SANCTUARY - I now think positions rather than pills, when my lower back aches, which is not so often now. "

Tuesday- Back Care Session.

"Relaxing and peaceful YOGA in clean and comfortable surroundings. Tutor sympathetic and attentive."

Monday- General Session

"I have found yoga in the Yoga Sanctuary, has improved my whole well being - physical and emotional. I can't recommend it enough to everyone. I have learnt a lot about the practice and techniques to help improve suppleness, posture and flexibility."

Monday- General Session

" I look forward to my weekly yoga sessions with pleasure and anticipation. I am more supple, flexible and calm after the lesson - and this feeling lasts for days. Whatever level of ability or physical weakness - there is something for everyone here."

Monday- General Session

"I have been enjoying yoga for 20 years or so but Sharada's classes are the best I have ever attended and having a purpose built venue, the Yoga Sanctuary, makes the experience even better."

Wednesday- General Session

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